Horse Supplements


Welcome to Hornsea Animal Feed’s oasis for equine health and vitality! We understand that every horse’s well-being is a top priority for dedicated caretakers like you. Our store is your ultimate destination for premium horse supplements, designed to enhance the health, performance, and quality of life of your cherished companions.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the unique bond between horse and caretaker, we’ve curated an extensive range of high-quality supplements tailored to address a variety of equine needs. Whether you’re seeking joint support, coat enhancement, digestive aids, or overall wellness boosters, our collection offers a comprehensive array of solutions to suit the diverse requirements of horses at every stage of life and activity.

Explore our selection of horse supplements and unlock the potential of these remarkable additions to your horse’s routine. Whether you’re grooming future champions or treasured companions, our supplements are formulated to provide targeted support that helps horses thrive. Elevate your horse’s health and longevity, ensuring that every ride, every stride, and every moment together is a testament to your commitment to their well-being.

Some of our products:
BAILEYS, DODSON & HORRELL, EQUINE AMERICA, EQUUS HEALTH, LINCOLN, NAF, SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS Airways -Biotin – Garlic (granules & powder) – Cod Liver oil – Cider Vinegar – Cortaflex – Cushins – Epsom Salts – Fly Sprya/Gel – Glucosamine – Hoof Oil – Linseed Oil – Molasses – No Bute – Seaweed – Shampoo – Limestone Flour – Equvite – Mobility – Superflex – Ulser Gard and much more
Horse Licks:

Himalayan crystal licks Rockies red/yellow/mint/mineral ‘Horslyx’ field/stable/hand held licks

Horse Treats:

Codlivine crunchies – Baileys Tasty Treats, Dodson & Horrell Equibites – Equiglo Herbal Treats Likit Treats – Lincoln Horsebixs Snack a Balls – Boredom Breakers and appropriate licks & more