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Horse Accessories


Welcome to our online equestrian haven at Hornsea Animal Feeds, where the world of horse companionship comes alive! We understand the profound connection between riders, caretakers, and these magnificent animals. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or new to the equine world, our store is your ultimate destination for a comprehensive selection of high-quality horse accessories. With a deep passion for the grace and power of horses, we offer an extensive range of carefully curated products to cater to the needs of both riders and their majestic partners.

Explore our diverse range of horse accessories and embark on a journey of partnership, trust, and shared experiences with these remarkable creatures. Whether you’re galloping in the arena, trotting through trails, or simply cherishing quiet moments in the stable, we have everything you need to make every interaction with your equine friend a truly exceptional one.

Some of our products:
Horse Accessories

Weatherbeeta turnouts, quilts, fleeces, coolers and fly rugs. A small selection of Jodphurs, Numnahs, Quilted Saddle Cloths, Reversible Saddle Pads and Dressage Saddle Cloths Tack Boxes, Stall Chains, Bungee Ties, Tie Rings, Saddle racks, Bridal Racks. Grass Muzzles. Feed/water buckets and covers – tub trugs and covers – lead ropes – hay/horsehage nets – brooms – feed scoops – shovels – ragwort/dung/manure/woodshaving forks including ‘Future’ forks and many more items including a variety of skips and troughs. No headcollar fly fringes. Fly masks Nylon Head Collars/ Nylon Fur Padded Head Collars.


Cribox – fly repellents – Derma Gel – Equiwrap – poultice – aloe vera purple spray – wound cream/powder – Hibiscrub – Hoof oils, conditioners and moisturisers, Hypocare, Neatsfoot Oil – Stable Zone Stalosan – tack conditioning soap/spray + much more

For grooming

combs – curry combs – brushes – jelly scrubbers – coat shine mitts – sweat scrapers – shredding blades – hoof picks – mane & tail spray – shampoo – tail bands – plaiting bands + much more

Other Products

hoof oil/brushes – clipper oil Electric fencing products Wheelbarrows For vermin control we sell a variety of mouse/rat traps and baits