Welcome to Hornsea Animal Feed’s angler’s paradise, your ultimate destination for top-tier fishing products, bait, and equipment in the UK! We understand the thrill of casting your line into the water and the excitement that comes with every tug on the hook. Our store is here to cater to your every fishing need, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out on your piscatorial journey.

With a profound respect for the angling tradition and the unique landscapes of the UK, we’ve meticulously curated an expansive range of high-quality fishing gear, bait options, and equipment. From durable rods and reels that ensure optimal performance, to an array of baits meticulously crafted to entice a variety of species, our collection covers all aspects of angling.

Explore our selection of fishing products tailored to the diverse waters of the UK, including freshwater and coastal fishing. Whether you’re chasing trout in serene lakes, casting for carp in lively rivers, or seeking the thrill of sea angling, our offerings encompass an array of specialized equipment and bait suitable for every fishing adventure. Make your angling experiences memorable and rewarding by investing in our premium fishing products, designed to enhance your connection with the water and the exhilaration of the catch.

Some of our products:
Fishing bait:

Coarse & halibut sinking pellets / trout sinking &
floating pellets (various sizes) – standard/huge/crushed
hemp – maize meal – white/brown/red/green breadcrumbs –
bloodworm pellets – cream scopex pellets – semolina – fish
meal – tiger nut flour – tiger nuts – parti blend mix – pigeon
conditioner seed

These are all sold loose per kilogramme

We do not keep full bags of all baits in
stock, so may we ask customers who
wish to purchase 20/25kg bags to give
us as much notice as possible.

Prepared mega maize – prepared tiger nuts – tiger nut extract
– molasses – ainseed – ‘Vitalin’ dog food

Maggots red/white and worms red/den/lob

Fishing tackle:

Small selection of fishing tackle