Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, an aspiring homesteader, or simply intrigued by the world of poultry keeping, our store is your ultimate resource for all things poultry-related. From nutritionally balanced feeds that promote the health and productivity of your flock, to top-tier coops and equipment tailored to their comfort and safety, we’re committed to offering premium products that cater to the diverse needs of your feathered companions. Browse through our comprehensive range and embark on a journey to raise happy and thriving poultry with the help of our quality offerings.

Some of our products:

Mixed corn – super mixed corn (including hen grit & oyster shell) – layers pellets/mash – layers pellets/mash with Verm-X – natural free range layers pellets – garden blend (mix corn, layers pellet and oyster shell) - growers pellets – chick crumbs – chick corn – maize- oyster shell – flint hen/growers grit – mixed grit (including oyster shell) We can also obtain organic mixed corn/layers pellets/layers mash on request

Bedding:- Straw, Freshbed, Cozychick & a large selection of shavings.


grit hoppers – feeders/drinkers galvanized and plastic – feed scoops – louse/red mite powder – poultry shield – treatments for scaly legs/anti pecking/moulting – total mite kill powder/liquid – nutri drops – diatom – wire netting – heatlamp & bulbs Wheelbarrows Feed for geese / ducks and turkeys (orders only) Disenfectants:- Virkon s – Stalosan F – Jeyes Fluid – Virenza For vermin control we stock a range of mouse/rat traps and baits.